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APICS Membership Benefits

What is the APICS community? The APICS community is a global network of supply chain and operations management professionals and resources to help you succeed in your profession. Get access to the latest research, publications and thought leaders who continue to shape our industry. APICS members are dedicated to elevating their fields and educating future supply chain leaders. What do I get when I join? Access. From research reports and folios to job postings and social networks, APICS offers you access to thousands of online resources. Learn what it takes to earn an APICS certification, view our webinars to hone your resume and use our Career Center to search for your perfect career. Or, read the current issue of APICS magazine and then find and Connect with your local APICS community by finding your nearest APICS partner, attending seminars and events and reaching out via our online community, the APICS Supply Chain Channel. With APICS, the possibilities are endless.

We sell APICS International plus member ships, they do provide a discount on the exam.

The advantages of APICS membership include:

  • Access the extensive APICS body of knowledge—the most expert, current, and relevant education in operations and supply chain management.
  • Enhance your career skills through APICS certification.
  • Gain members-only discounts on all APICS programs and products.
  • Connect to an impressive community of nearly 40,000 members around the globe—all committed to building excellence in operations management.
  • get 6 certification maintenance points for each year you are a member
  • save $ 600,- when visiting the APICS congress.

Free electronic access to APICS publications, including

  • APICS magazine
  • APICS Dictionary, 14th edition (one free electronic copy per edition)
  • APICS Dictionary term look up
  • APICS research reports
  • Career Center white papers
  • Production and Inventory Management (P&IM) Journal
  • APICS Supply Chain Management Now
  • APICS Extra
  • APICS e-News
  • APICS Connection